The hardest part of any workout is actually getting started – especially if you’ve fallen off track or are just having trouble getting your ‘Fitness Passion’ going.  Plus, the more out of shape you are, the more overwhelming it can seem to start a new workout routine.

If you’re out of shape and need a quick way to increase your stamina, make these five exercises a big part of your regular fitness schedule.

1. Stair climbing

Among the list of stair climbing’s benefits include increased strength, power, and even endurance.  You probably notice it’s much easier for you to lose your breath whenever you walk up a hill or raised sidewalk as compared to walking on a flat surface.  This is because every time you walk or run up an incline, your heart rate speeds up at a faster rate, causing you to take in more oxygen.

Make stair climbing or stair runs a regular part of your routine; and notice how quickly your endurance increases.

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2. High-intensity interval training

You’ve probably heard all about the effectiveness of high-intensity interval training for fat burning and weight loss.  But what you may not know is it’s also a great workout if you’re trying to increase your stamina.  Doing HIIT causes the body to use both your aerobic and anaerobic systems during exercise, meaning the system that works with oxygen and the system that works without it, respectively.

In turn, you’re able to push through your workout at a greater intensity and for an extended period of time instead of feeling exhausted right after you get
started.  With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to make sure to include a HIIT exercise into your next workout to boost benefits and to increase stamina.

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3. Lifting

Incorporating strength training exercises into your routine not only helps you build valuable muscle, but surprisingly, it can also help improve endurance.  Doing fast-paced, high-intensity lifting can do the trick.  To make the exercise even more effective, you’ll also want to minimize break time in between sets rather than taking the typical 30 to 90-seconds to recover, and only resting if you really need to.  Each set should leave you sweating and heavily breathing, and you should really feel the burn in your muscles if you’re doing it correctly.

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4. Cycling

If you want to improve stamina quickly with a good cardio workout, jump on a bike.  Runner’s World mentions that non-impact cycling is an effective cross-training exercise that offers a ton of aerobic benefits. While riding uphill is great for building strength and short sprints on a bike can increase your speed, cycling at a steady rate for a long ride can help improve your endurance.  Doing intervals is also a great way to target your heart rate and work it to the max level, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of how effective your
workouts can be on a bike.

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5. Swimming

All you need is
20 minutes of swimming at a moderate intensity to experience benefits.  Once you’ve mastered that level of fitness, you can even increase aerobic gains by doing intervals in the water.  That may sound challenging now, but with practice, it’s possible.  By making swimming a regular habit, your lungs will be able to deliver more oxygen throughout the body.  For benefits like that, you’ll definitely want to jump into the water for your next workout.