Many health coaches in Sacramento CA have list weight loss patches are not very good for you. Below are some other areas to look into when figuring out if weight loss patches are right for you.

At the end of the day, Dr. Seltzer says NO, these patches “won’t work” to help you slim down quickly, even if you’re exercising and eating well at the same time.

The main reason people tend to be optimistic about these patches is because of all the claims out there about trendy ingredients helping with weight loss, he explains.  But from a physiological standpoint, a single ingredient (and in such small, sporadic amounts) simply can’t have an impactful effect on body fat and metabolism, he notes.

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These ingredients are more commonly ingested orally, and even then, they don’t yield weight loss results, Dr. Seltzer explains.  “So when you take a step away from that and put those ingredients in a transdermal patch, which has no evidence or research behind it, you’re taking something that barely works, if it all, and using it in a method that probably won’t do anything.”

First off, always talk to your doctor before trying any type of weight loss patches or other products, says Dr. Seltzer. While patches probably are not harmful in most cases (because, again, they won’t do anything), they’re still a waste of money, and you can’t expect what’s essentially just a large sticker to replace the true effects of diet and exercise.

“It’s easy for companies to prey on people who are stressed and concerned about their weight, but there’s no magic bullet when it comes to weight loss,” Dr. Seltzer says.  “But when something is ineffectual and theoretically dangerous, it’s ridiculous to try.”

At the end of the day, it’s best to save your money, or better yet, invest it in something like a personal trainer or nutritionist (who is more likely to give information to you straight and have health and your best interests at heart).

THE BOTTOM LINEDo not use weight loss patches, as they are not proven to assist with weight loss and can even cause dangerous side effects.